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Diary: Princesses of Good Fortune 幸福公主的日记 (中英双语)

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Language : English and Mandarin

This Diary is a compilation of humble testimonies of Singapore Soka Association (SSA) Young Women Division (YWD) members who have transformed their lives after practising Nichiren Buddhism.

Their struggles and victories attest brilliantly to the unique and precious missions of these young women from all walks of lives as they bravely pursue their dreams, and challenged areas of family, health and work.

Emanating courage, wisdom, compassion, hope, conviction, endurance, their youthful lives are the exact embodiment of the venerable essence of the Buddha. Like the blazing red glow of the morning sun, such are the young women of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) - shining with the joy arising from their conviction in faith.

It is our earnest hope that this youthful diary will spread the seeds of Nichiren Buddhism, and inspire many other fellow young women all over the world that they too, can bring forth the
radiance and beauty of their youth



女子部员的人生就包含了佛的精髓 - 勇气,智慧,爱心,希望,信念,耐力。 我们国际


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The Courage To Pursue My Dream 追求梦想的勇气 - Goh Bee Hui • 吴美慧

Unfolding My Potential In LifeThrough Prayers 通过祈求开启生命的潜能 Xin Xiao Chang • 辛晓昶

Finding My Smile Again 寻找我的微笑 Renna Tan Qing Xiang • 陈清香

The Inner Transformation of My Life 我生命内在的变革 Chew Yue Yin • 周约吟

Travelling The Path Of Victory Together With My Mentor 在胜利大道上与师迈进 Tan Hsih Yin • 陈思吟

Pursuing A Path Of Mission True To Myself 追求自身的使命大道 Zheng Mei Fen • 郑美芬


Becoming a “Paramedic of the Mystic Law” 成为“妙法的护理人员” Lim Tin Lay • 林登丽

Opening New Horizons 开拓梦想的崭新地平线 Vanessa Phang Wan Qing • 彭婉晴

It All Begins With Me! 一切由我开始 Priscilla Koh Kor Kar & Cecilia Koh Geok Kar • 许可佳与许玉佳

My Journey of Faith 我的信心之旅 Jenny Tang Ing Siew • 董殷秀


Becoming Happy No Matter What 无论怎样都能幸福 Averna Ang • 洪心惠

Encountering The Spirit Of Humanism 接触到充满人性的精神 Gayathri Mark Malarvanan • 嘎亚提丽

Awakening To My Beautiful Life 觉醒到我亮丽的人生 Joanne Chan Lai Yeng • 陈丽燕

Opening The Eyes Of Faith 敞开信心之眼目 Mak Mei Qi • 麦美琦

WORK • 工作

Becoming A Humanistic Music Teacher 成为珍惜每一个人的音乐老师 Lee Pei Shan • 李沛珊

The Life Transforming Practice 变革生命的佛法 Ng Li Hoon • 黄丽芬

One Step At A Time 一步一脚印 Tan Siew Hoon • 陈庥帉

Evoking My Human Revolution! 启动我的人间革命! Tan Yee Lian • 陈依莲

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