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I Arise 奋起

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Language : English and Mandarin

A compilation of humble testimonies of Singapore Soka Association (SSA) Four Divisions members who have transformed their lives after practising Nichiren Buddhism. Their struggles and victories attest brilliantly to the unique and precious missions of these individual from all walks of lives as they bravely pursue their dreams, and challenged areas of family, health and work. Emanating courage, wisdom, compassion, hope, conviction, endurance, their lives are the exact embodiment of the venerable essence of the Buddha.

It is our earnest hope that this youthful diary will spread the seeds of Nichiren Buddhism, and inspire many other fellow members all over the world.

健康和工作证明自己宝贵的使命,不放弃追求自己的梦想。 会员们的人生就包含了佛的精髓 - 勇气,智慧,爱心,希望,信念,耐力。


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Content • 目录 Faith is the Light that Shines on My Dark Path - Toh Pei Cong 信心--照亮我黑暗路上的光芒 - 卓培聪 A Life Forged through Sharing Buddhism - Matthew Kii King Hing 通过分享佛法磨练的人生 - 蘧经兴 Rising From the Ashes with Gratitude in My Heart - Gilbert Ong Tiong Min 心怀感激 东山再起 - 王忠民 Transforming Destiny through Faith - Christopher Chia Keng Hoong 以信心转换宿命 - 谢京雄 My Life is Revived - Esther Ng Gek Choo 我的生命苏醒了!- 黄毓茱 Victory is Both Oneself and Others Becoming Happy - Yvonne Ng Hong Lan 自他共喜的胜利 - 黄枫兰 My Victory Report - Gena Wong Pih Choon 我的胜利报告 - 王弼春 Never Give Up - Jeff Toh Keng Yeow 绝不放弃 - 卓庆耀

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