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A Tribute to the Lion City: The Jewel of Southeast Asia 《颂赞狮子城 东南亚之宝石》

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This bilingual book is a compilation of writings by Daisaku Ikeda, President of the Soka Gakkai International, on his thoughts and interactions with Singapore, her leaders and people over the course of his three visits to Singapore in 1988, 1995 and 2000. The author’s writings, compiled in this book, are like precious gems, attractive and glittering. These precious gems reflect the author’s genuine respect and deep admiration for Singapore and her people. Having lived through the atrocities of the Second World War at a young age, the author witnessed firsthand the cruelty of war and has since been deeply committed to peace work. This is particularly evident through his tireless efforts in meeting world leaders and exerting himself to write articles promoting the innate goodness and potential of human life, as well as the soft power of dialogue. With the publication of this book, aptly titled A Tribute to the Lion City: The Jewel of Southeast Asia, the author pays tribute to Singapore on the occasion of her golden jubilee in 2015.


本双语书收集了国际创价学会会长池田大作抒发于 1988 年、1995年及2000年三次访问新加坡时对这里的 国土人情,以及与其国家领袖和国人的交流中所思所想 的集萃。 收录在书中的文章字字珠玑,又如宝石般璀璨生辉,映照出作者对新加坡及其人民的真实敬意与赞美。 年少时经历二次大战洗礼的作者目睹战争的残酷, 深深决意要献身于和平。此决意从他努力不懈地与世界 领袖会谈,著书立说,推广人内在的善与潜能,以及促 进对话此软能中可见一斑。 此书《颂赞狮子城 东南亚之宝石》取名贴切, 是作者对新 加坡今年建国50周年庆的献礼。

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